Personal Recovery Excerpts From Adult Children Growing Up in Homes With Addiction

Emotional Sobriety: Friends & Lovers

Continuing our excerpts from Heroes in Recovery, today’s post is about how addiction affected the children living in a home controlled by addiction.

1.  Wendy Lee Nentwig:

I’m not in recovery personally. It’s ironic that I’ve actually never tried a single drug and never been drunk, but I feel like I’ve been through addiction — in some ways I feel like I’m still in it. 

My grandfather was an alcoholic, and that disease colored my mother’s childhood in ways I’ll never full understand.

It continues to affect her and her siblings, and that dysfunction trickled down
into my childhood, too, coating it like a syrup that stuck to everything. My grandpa never got help for his addiction. In the small Montana town where they lived, my grandma would call the local bar and tell them to send her husband home for dinner. One of my aunts then married an…

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